Office updates

Hi All,

We are working to follow the recommendations as outlined by the CDC and WHO regarding patient and staff safety when it comes to providing your care in our clinic.  Here are some changes from our usual patient flow that we have implemented.

We are requiring you to wear a mask upon entering the building/practice.  We do have cloth masks available for 5 dollars.  These masks are able to be washed and re-worn, simply hand wash the mask in hot, soapy water and let soak for 30 min.  Then rinse the soap out of the mask and hang dry.  Wearing a mask protects both our patients and our staff, allowing us to stay open and stay safe.  Wearing your mask will protect whoever you come in contact with from whatever you may be carrying, and us wearing our masks will protect you from whatever we may be carrying as well.

We are also limiting the number of people coming into the offices to allow for appropriate social distancing space.  This means we are not allowing children into the office.  We know childcare can be difficult, and if you need to re schedule your appointment please call our main line at 817-926-4118 to reschedule.  We are also only allowing ONE support person with our OB patients on days when they are scheduled for an ultrasound.  Once the ultrasound is done, that person will need to leave while the patient is seen.  We recognize sometimes this can be difficult, as both parties want to be present.  We have had success with patients facetiming or video calling their spouses during their appointment to ensure questions are answered to everyone's satisfaction.

In an effort to decrease the amount of congestion in our waiting areas and check-in/check-out areas we changed these processes. 

If you are being seen at 1425 8th Avenue by Dr. Bradford, Dr. Robbins, Dr. Wood, Dr. Hardt, or NP Hilary Booth there is signage on the door with a number to text to confirm we are ready for you to come up to your appointment, which you should also receive before your appointment.  For Dr. Bradford and Dr. Wood's patients we are asking that you text and wait in your vehicle for us to let you know we are ready for you.  For Dr. Robbins, Dr. Hardt, and NP Hilary Booth's patients you may come up to the building, or text if you are more comfortable waiting in your cars.

If you are being seen at 1307 8th Avenue by Dr's Wiley, Dr. Neville, PA Ruthie Kested, or PA Mindy Meeker you should receive information prior to your appointment, requesting that OB patients text from their cars before coming up to confirm we are ready for you to come back for your appointment.  If you are not an OB patient, you may come into the office as you usually do.

When you are in the office, please be sure to wash your hands with either soapy warm water or use the hand sanitizer available for you.

Please recognize some of these changes in our practice may mean we have some longer wait times as we try to ensure appropriate patient volume for our spaces.  We are doing our best to maintain a safe working environment for our patients and staff.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office at 817-926-4118.


Hilary P Booth, MS, RN, WHNP-BC Women's Health Nurse Practitioner

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